Improvements to Network and Computer Security

Author: Remy
A committed computer support service has to rely on good computer security procedures in order to prevent failures and to take computer repair measures when attacks to networks and freestanding PCs take place. Competent computer support requires constant vigilance – a good computer repair technician should have the qualities of an ever-vigilant meerkat rather than the lugubrious sloth. However, even with the best computer support, no network is perfectly secure from within. The software and hardware architecture of a network is highly complex and weaknesses in software or hardware can be exploited by attackers either from within or outside the network.

A Weak Assumption?

The philosophy on which most current computer security measures is based is often cited as inadequate by some experts. This is to assume that all or most threats come from beyond a company network or the PC of a user. The computer system on which the computer support administrator is working is assumed to be safe.

According to some experts, to assume that all pieces of hardware and all software on a “trusted system” is harmless at worst and valuable at best in preventing invaders from compromising the system is the huge error of modern computer security. They cite this misguided assumption as one of the major causes of computer insecurity. A disgruntled employee with some expertise in IT who has been served notice by his boss can do untold damage to a so-called trusted system. Although best practice may insist that employees lock their computers before leaving their workstations, mistakes can happen and an unattended, unlocked computer is a weapon in the wrong hands.

An attacker armed with a worker's password could also cause trouble from within the network. Furthermore, once an attacker has infiltrated the system, he is armed with all or most of the user privileges that that entails. He can set up port access so that he can make future attacks remotely, or install malicious software for the same effect.

Limit the Sharing

Microsoft has taken these criticisms onboard and introduced Windows server technology to increase network security through the limiting of services. Dedicated user accounts run services unique to that account type. On a simple level, role-based access might allow the writer to use word processor software while the graphic designer has access to computer animation applications and neither can use the other's tools.

More importantly, service access is limited and, in a sense, a user has privileges on a “need to know” basis, according to what role he fulfils within the organization. So you may need more than one attacker to do any real harm to a network. The threat is contained because a combined attack by Mike in Design, George in Advertising, Jessica in Accounts, and the guy who fixes the printer isn't very likely!

Password Security

Users can be added to a service and may require a log in and password in order to launch the application. Other security measures, such as prompts for passwords from a user after he makes changes to a database, provide a log of all the activity of that user and can trace any naughty activity back to the culprit.

To ensure maximum protection, passwords must be secure and known only by the service user. Passwords in this instance are frequently regarded as legally binding. They are digital signatures, and are often referred to as such by the service or application in question.

So although networks are still assumed to be trusted by their users, ongoing measures and improvements in security mean that computer support and service administrators have more reason to trust them than they had in the past.

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